Merkli & Partner AG
Baden, Switzerland

Merkli & Partner AG
Baden, Switzerland

About the Firm

Merkli & Partner AG is an owner-operated company, and was established in 1995. We provide a wide range of trust services from one source, delivering tangible benefits. This gives you more time for your core business.

We analyze problems holistically, and provide individual, personal advice for our clients.

The company is licensed as an audit expert by the Federal Audit Oversight Authority of Switzerland and is registered under the number 500455.

We regard our clients as partners for whom we do our utmost to create optimum added value. This is our motivation and passion – it is what we are here for.

     Industry Expertise

We provide the following services:


  • Financial accounting
  • Accounts receivable, accounts payable and payroll accounting
  • Preparation of annual financial statements
  • Advice on and structuring of financial statements
  • Preparation and structuring of contracts and articles of association
  • Domiciliary functions and management of companies for third parties
  • Executive Board mandates


Tax Advice

  • Tax returns for individuals and legal entities
  • Tax returns for property gains, estates, inheritances
  • VAT statements
  • Tax representation, objections, appeals
  • Tax planning, tax optimization
  • Advice on inter-cantonal and international tax matters



  • Audits of consolidated and non-consolidated accounts in line with OR, Swiss GAAP FER and IAS/IFRS
  • Audits of financial statements as a statutory auditing body (ordinary and limited audits)
  • Special audits: establishment audits, capital increases and capital decreases
  • Auditing body in accordance with BVG (pension funds)
  • Revaluation audits for properties and investments
  • Final audits of pension funds
  • Enterprise valuations
  • Due-diligence audits
  • Special audits on a contract basis



  • Management of story ownership and multiple dwellings
  • Advice on the purchase and sale of property and land
  • Valuations (estimates)
  • Market & location analyses
  • Property strategies
  • Management of rental properties and management of owners’ corporation properties including settlement with the Swiss Federal Housing Office
  • Preparation of heating and service charge bills
  • Return and handover of apartments


Outsourcing / Advice

  • On-site accounting on your premises
  • Management of your operations on-site
  • Introduction of Swiss GAAP FER and IFRS
  • Advice and introduction of an internal control system (ICS)
  • Preparation of consolidated accounts
  • Business analysis of your company
  • Individual training

Contact Us


Christian Feller
Merkli & Partner AG
Husmatt 1, 5405 Baden

Tel: +41 (56) 203 31 31
Fax: +41 (56) 203 31 39